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Solar Energy Solutions


5 Reasons

  • Quality Engineering
  • Project management & execution capabilities
  • The Guarantee of excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Transperency


Key features

  • Better performance in cloudy days; suitable for hard/salt water applications
  • Compressed PUF insulated storage tank to retain hot water for than 48 hrs
  • Inner tank made of SUS 316L or 3042B grade surgical steel
  • All fasteners are made of SUS 304 food grade for rust free operation
  • Auxiliary tank fitting option instead of air vent
  • ISI marked 1.5 KW back-up heater with thermostat (optional)
  • Tank volume(Domestic range): 100lts - 500lts
  • Tank volume(Industrial − manifold): upto 1 lac lts
  • Replacement warranty. Longer product life span of 25-30 yrs

Solar Lighting Systems

  • Customized Solar power plants - OFF Grid & ON Grid
  • Solar Home lighting systems
  • Solar powered LED DC lighting systems
  • Solar Lanterns
  • Solar DC light & fan kit
  • Solar-wind hybrid power systems
  • Remote management and lighting solution (Optional)


  • Indoor lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Office, corporates & industrial lighting
  • Commercial malls

Solar Street Lighting Systems

  • Light source: LED Module
  • 5 Watt to 80 Watt luminaires
  • Single arm or double arm customized solutions
  • High quality rust-free, galvanized structural frames

Typical Applications

  • Streets, Drive ways, Parking Lots
  • Parks, Campus, Fairgrounds, athletic venues
  • Housing developments, Commercial Properties
  • Residential Housing colonies / Community Villas

Solar PV Modules

Mono/Poly-crystalline & Thin-film Silicon PV Modules

  • High Power Module using mono/poly-crystal Silicon solar cell
  • Bypass diode to minimize power drop caused by shade
  • Anti-Reflection coating
  • BSF (back Surface Field) Structure to improve cell Conversion efficiency
  • White Tempered Glass, EVA Resin and weatherproof film along with Al frame for extended outdoor use
  • Lead wire with weatherproof connector for output terminal

Hybrid Power Solution- Wind/Solar

  • UJRA offers Eco power pack hybrid power solutions for residential, community villas, hotel, resorts, offices and villages electrification.
  • Hybrid solutions offer continuos generation of power both day & night and also during all seasons
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